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Nice to meet you! 


Celi Montano

Hello beautiful! I was born and raised in the small city of Fort Pierce. Growing up I  loved to dress up, do my hair & makeup because I believed that's when a lady looks and feels her best. I enjoyed it so much I would do hair and make up for my friends as they got ready for a homecoming dance or prom.

At the age of 17 I had a friend who was attending beauty school. I was so fascinated by the idea of the transformation of hair! I was enrolled a couple months later in my senior year of high school. Fast Forward 15 yrs later and now I'm a master colorist in Stuart.


I have a passionate desire to continue learning the latest fashionable trends and techniques to provide the best salon experience. I also get to create connections with like minded people & exchange stories with my guests as an added bonus!


I now specialize in fashion colors. mostly dimensional and vivid colors! I'm also certified in providing 4 methods of hair extensions. I'm constantly educating myself to expand my knowledge in perfecting my craft. My goal is to elevate the hair industry and help my guests look and feel their best!

What I love to do...


When I'm not creating at the 'hair lab' my favorite pass time is going for a walk around a nature trail, soaking up some sun at the beach or kayaking. On the weekends when I'm spending time with my son, Davian, we like to catch a movie, play games at a local arcade and sometimes I'll take him out for ice cream. We also enjoy visiting museums and immersive experiences when we can.


Occasionally my family will have a cookout or family dinner. On my free time I like to try new places especially with live music. I'm a big foodie and brunch is my favorite meal. I also love going to concerts & road trips while making memories with the people I love. I try to take as many opportunities to enjoy life, even in the little things.

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