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new day, Fresh hair!


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Express color
 In a crunch for time? Get a root touch up color in ten minutes! Finished with a fresh blowout get in & out in under an hour.(Roots only)     
 *starting at  $75


"The Best Part"
Ahh yes... The soothing head massage you wait all service for. Now get a 5-minute head/neck massage at the start of your haircut service so that you can relax the rest of your appointment! Utilizing aromatherapy start with a deep inhale of a calming essential oil such as lavender, euculyptus or lemongrass. Ease into a blissful moment with chill & mellow music playing in the background as your daily stress melts away. You may request a glass of wine after for a full spa-like experience. This service includes a customized cut tailored to your desired style.
*starts at $60


bombshell blowout
Get that fresh blowout style with lots of bounce and body for any event or outing.(Including Valentines coming up!) This service includes a bond-building treatment to lock in moisture and provide smooth, lustrous shine. Add waves, curls or boho braids for an extra glam look!

*$65 including curls & style

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